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Are you living in London and thinking of “Selling a van”? Why not scrap it? Contact Scrap Van Central and we will ask you for some simple details and give you the best price quotation.

Scrap My Van London

Easy Process for Scrap My Van London

If you’re looking to scrap your Van in London, make sure you contact Scrap Van Central.

We cover the whole of London, North London, East London, West London, South London and Central London. At Scrap Van Central we have years of experience and we offer a fair valuation for your vehicle. We take away the hassle and associated risks of selling a van.

Scrap your van in London with  Scrap Van Central and we will arrange a van collection directly from your home or business, contact us now and easily sell your van for a fair pre agreed price.

You may want to scrap your van because it is getting harder to maintain it or it requires repairs. You may simply be looking to go for a new van altogether, scrapping a van can be a great solution. 

You may have contacted a few companies and received a few quotes, but when you contact Scrap Van Central you are dealing with a friendly trustworthy  family business, where the experienced owner will always thoroughly check every quote  sent out to ensure it is fair. This ensures that his vast 40+ years of experience gives you the most accurate  fair quote.

Enter your van registration number in our form or call us for a free quote at 03330 1330 523 for a FREE quote.


Our scrap van collection service is quick and efficient. 

If you are looking to scrap your van without any hassle, we are here to help. We ensure that we will pick up your van and transfer the correct payment without any delays.

Looking to Scrap your Van London, Get the Best Scrap Van Prices from Us

Have you been planning to scrap your van in London, Scrap Van Central will get you the best scrap van prices. We will give you a desired fair quote and then we will travel anywhere in London with a free van collection directly from your home or workplace and pay you on the spot and complete all the DVLA paperwork.

It can be time consuming in London to sell your van, and looking for buyers can be a very tiresome thing to do. We will ensure that you get instant scrap van payment when you hand over your van to be scrapped. Unlike other scrap van dealers, we do not waste your time. By calling our hotline you can instantly get hold of one of the experts to help scrap your van. Call our verified experts and let us help you.

The only thing that you need to do is to give us the correct registration number of the vehicle, submit some photographs for us to gauge the condition of the vehicle, and answer some of our questions. Our team of dedicated experts is readily available to help guide you through the process of scrapping your van and our team will help you get a guaranteed desired price in the process. Get a free quotation now.

Scrap My Van London

What type of vans can be scrapped?

If you are thinking to sell my van for scrap but are unsure that your van will be able to be scrapped, there is a wide range of vans that fall under the category of suitable for scrapping.  Keep this in mind the next time you wish to Scrap My Van London.

  • High mileage vans
  • Low mileage vans
  • Scrap vans
  • MOT failures
  • MOT'ed vans
  • Damaged vans
  • Written-off vans
  • Too expensive to repair
  • Unwanted vans
  • Non-running vans
  • Unusual vans
  • Classic & vintage vans
  • Non-runners
  • Accident damaged vans
  • End-of-life vans
  • Flood damaged vans
  • Scrap vans
  • Broken vans
  • Junk vans
  • Pickup trucks

Scrap My Van London,
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