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Scrap My Van

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We offer some of the best desired prices, which means you won't have to shop around. With free nationwide contactless collection, selling your van has never been easier.

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Enter your reg number in the form above or call us for a free quote. Get a free van valuation from us.

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Book an appointment

With free nationwide contactless collection selling your van has never been easier.

Collect and pay you

Collect and pay you

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DVLA paperwork.

Why choose Scrap van Central to Sell your Vehicle

Sell your vehicle, quickly & easily. The benefits are endless, if you're looking for a Scrap Van Service, Look No Further!

Selling your van may be a painful and costly experience. At Scrap Van Central, we are a 40+ years family runned company and try to make the process simple, fast and secure. The owner, James, is always on hand to help and will honor the price quoted as the price guaranteed as long as it fits the description given.


No obligation to sell your Van


No Frills Van Scrap Services - Online  buying - Free valuation


Safe and secure instant payment
(We give cash or a bank transfer payment before the vehicle is taken away.)(We give cash or a bank transfer payment before the vehicle is taken away.)


Free Vehicle Collection


Price quoted is the price guaranteed as long as it fits the description given
(Don't fall into the trap of receiving a small holding deposit from companies, for them to secure your van.)


Honest, friendly and 5 star trusted reviews


Deal with experienced people no call centres


We will pick up your vehicle when it suits you 
(We use our own experienced recovery staff.)


We notify the DVLA of any vehicle change of registered keeper. 
(Help with all paperwork.)

Scrap My Van
Scrap My Van

What sorts of vans do we buy? In what conditions?

We offer our Scrap My Van services for any vans, whether it's unwanted for some reason, or damaged. Sell your van in any condition, when you want.
If you are trying to decide where to sell my van, and looking up online van buying or local van buying services. We are here to save the day!

It may not be running, but we will give you the best fair desired price

Contact us for a desired quotation, for your perfect van. Deal with Deal with experienced people as we have no inexperienced call centres.

These vans are no longer a asset to your business, so let us quote you the best price.

We buy vans with a variety of damage and bodywork issues including wear & tear, insurance write-off, vandalised, fire or rust damaged.

We buy broken & non-running vans with any electrical or mechanical faults. We can collect broken & non-running vehicles nationwide. We can collect your van from you with full payment and you can benefit from the best broken van buyers around

Whether your car has failed its MOT test or it’s just too expensive to repair, get a free, no obligation car valuation with Scrap Van Central . we simply need your registration and postcode.

Frequently Asked Questions

Scrapping you van couldn't be easier with us. We answered some of your FAQ's below.
If you still have questions, please get in touch with us.

The value of your scrap van will depend on the weight, condition and age of the vehicle. If there are any parts on the van that can be salvaged then the value of the scrap metal is the biggest contributor. In general, the heavier the car, the greater the scrap value. However, some vans will hold more value than others, and this is due to the engine size, make and model, as well as the rapidly changing metal market. These factors make it worth more for a collector and in turn, make it more valuable to sell.

Find out how much your scrap van is worth all we need is your postcode and registration number.

To scrap your van you will need:

A form of ID – driving license or passport
The vans V5c – also known as a log book
Any service or MOT history – not essential, but desirable

We are a 40+ year family owned experienced company and our company ethos is to be 'fair' through all aspects of trading. Free advice – our advice is free, call us now and discuss selling your van! Free collection service – we will collect your van for free. We are Free of hidden charges – there are absolutely no hidden charges when using our service. Free online valuation – we provide a totally free online valuation and a hassle free service. We will offer you the most desired price.

Scrap van Central, you won’t pay a penny to have your van taken away. There are no hidden charges and we will never try to negotiate on your quote – it’s a completely free service.

We give payment before the vehicle is taken away via cash or bank transfer. The price quoted is the price guaranteed as long as it fits the description given. Please don't fall into the trap of receiving a small holding deposit from companies, for them to secure your van

When it starts affecting your business and day-to-day living. Get a Van valuation from us free and see if that exceeds the cost of maintaining your vehicle.

Yes! The quote you accept is guaranteed. This means that regardless of which way the metal market fluctuates, your quote is safe and is the price you’ll receive upon collection as long as it fits the description given.. In order to generate the best desired price for your van, please ensure you give us as much detail on the condition.

Running and non running

UK Van Buyers

We Buy any scrap Van nationwide across the U.K. We provide a hassle free process and will take away your van for FREE at a time and date you are happy with, once you are happy with the price we have quoted you.

Some areas we cover

Aberdeen Inverurie
Birmingham Northfield
Kingston upon Hull
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Vehicle Scrapping With Scrap Van Central - Van Scrap Services

Scrap My Van

If you are thinking that I need to scrap my van, scrap van central will get you the best scrap van prices. 

We will ensure that you get instant scrap van remuneration when you hand over you van to be scrapped. Unlike other scrap car dealers, we do not waste your time. By calling our hotline you can instantly get hold of one of experts and learn all that is to know about van scrapping. Don't just fret saying that you need to "scrap my van". Call a verified expert and learn about the process.

The main benefit of scrapping your van comes in the form of protection of the environment. It will be quite positive for the environment to take out a vehicle that has an inefficient engine that is emitting bad gasses that can harm the environment. And when scrapping, the scrap dealer will make sure that none of the hazardous material in the components of the van will get released into the environment and will be discarded or recycled properly. This will not happen if you just let your van rust and rot somewhere.

This is all in addition to the amount of money that you will be getting for selling your van to a scrap van dealer.

The only thing that you need to do is to give us the correct registration number of the vehicle, submit some photographs to us to gauge the condition of the vehicle, and answer some of our questions.

You may have contacted a few companies and received a few quotes, when you contact Scrap Van Central you are dealing with a family business, where the owner will always check every quote that is sent out. This ensures that his vast 40+ years experience gives you the most accurate quote.

Enter your van registration number in our form or call us for a free quote on 03330 1330 523.

We then provide you with a reliable fair quote, if you are happy let us know and we will book a convenient appointment for you to collect your van.
On collection day, as long as your description is correct and you have your paperwork (V5, log books and keys) we will give you cash or organise a bank transfer before we take the van away.

Before leaving we will ensure all the paperwork is discussed and issue a Certificate of Destruction. This is an important document as it serves as legal proof that the DVLA no longer considers you responsible for paying tax on your van. As soon as the DVLA knows you’ve scrapped it, they’ll also refund any remaining tax that you owe.

Jessica Williams

About Scrap Van Company

Licensed scrap van buyer who legally disposes of your van.

We have over 40 years experience in the buying of vans. We understand a seller's request and provide you desired prices. James, the owner of the business ensures he is aware of all quotes being offered. If you have given someone a deposit, remember your legal rights allow you to get this back if you do not proceed with the sale.

We will travel anywhere in the UK with a free van collection directly from your home, contact us now and easily sell your van for a fair pre agreed price.

Fair and friendly Van buying service

With experience of both buying and selling vans in today’s marketplace we understand that the process is getting harder with plenty of time-wasters and hagglers. At Scrap Van Central we are fair, friendly and efficient and we offer a fair valuation for your vehicle. We take away the hassle and associated risks of selling a van.