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Van Scrapping: 5 Common Questions and Answers

Posted December 2, 2021
by Sam

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Have you recently felt that your van has been in your garage for way longer than it’s been out of it? Have you felt that your van has been more of a chore to run and maintain and is not worth the benefit that you get from it? Well if that is the case, you want to consider scrapping it. But wait, “What is Scrapping?”, “How to scrap my van?” or “Where do I even begin?” If these questions pop into your mind, fret not. We are here to help you figure it out.

The most important thing you must do is to find a professional and reliable scrap van dealer to help you through the process. In order to bring you up to speed on the concept of scrapping and how to go about it, we have prepared some FAQ's to help you through it.

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    1. Why should I scrap my Van?

    If your van starts every day and you can still use it, you might think why I should scrap this? But if it is giving you constant trouble and the correct repairs will cost you a fortune, scrapping it might be the way to go.

    If the repairs are as high as you thought they may be, and when you consider the current age and condition of the vehicle or the way that it had been handled in the past, it might be in your best interest to consider scrapping it.
    This decision becomes even more forced if your vehicle has failed an MOT test, which usually means heavy repairs or the vehicle is destined for the scrapyard. Also, if your vehicle has been in an accident recently and the repairs are looking to be a worthless endeavor, scrapping might be the best way to go.

    1. How to scrap my Van?

    As we mentioned above your best bet would be to contact a professional van scrapping service. We at Scrap Van Central are a family business and excel at this and have been in the industry for 40+ years. The good thing is that you as a customer will be provided with a hassle-free process.

    The only thing that you need to do is to give us the correct registration number of the vehicle, submit some photographs to us to gauge the condition of the vehicle, and answer some of our questions.
    We will require information on the running mileage of your van as well as the condition it is in, whether it starts or has problems running. We will consider aspects such as age, make, and model before calculating the scrap value of the van. If you accept the desired price quotation we present to you,  we will then send a collection vehicle to collect your vehicle for free. You will receive an instant payment then and there and a Certificate of Destruction two weeks later after we scrap the vehicle.

    1. What are the benefits of scrapping my Van?

    The main benefit of scrapping your van comes in the form of the protection of the environment. It will be quite positive for the environment to take out a vehicle that has an inefficient engine that is emitting bad gasses that can harm the environment. And when scrapping, the scrap dealer will make sure that none of the hazardous material in the components of the van will get released into the environment and will be discarded or recycled properly. This will not happen if you just let your van rust and rot somewhere.

    This is all in addition to the amount of money that you will be getting for selling your van to a scrap van dealer.

    1. Should I sell my Van instead?

    If you are not that enthusiastic about scrapping your van and feel that selling it might be a better option, well that is entirely your choice. But you should keep in mind that this can be quite a cumbersome process. And the price you get for your vehicle will be highly dependent on the condition your vehicle is in and the buyer must be willing to accept your vehicle in that condition and you may never guarantee a deal. If you want to do a quick deal and get cash in your hand quickly it might be better if you go for the scrapping process.

    1. Can I get a tax refund for scrapping my Van?

    Yes, the good news is that you might be entitled to a tax refund for your scrapped van. Also, if it had been sitting in a parking space or garage for a substantial amount of time, you can request a refund from the DVLA. In addition to all of this, if the van was parked for such a time, you can even cancel the current insurance policy, since you can say that you no longer use it.

    1. How to scrap your Van and get paid?

    The best answer to this question is to hire a professional & reliable van scrapping service. When you find an expert like us, you are in safe hands. In this article, we have answered the main questions you may be thinking of before scraping your van. We hope that this will help you make your decision. If you want any more information regarding this process please feel free to contact one of our experts at Scrap Van Central.



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