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Can I Scrap Without a Logbook

Posted November 1, 2021
by Anjana

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After you have decided to scrap your van you find out that you have misplaced your logbook. This is something that many people tend to misplace or lose especially when it comes to vehicles that haven’t been used for a while. Because if you don’t use the vehicle the logbook tends to remain unusedbecause you don’t do the annual renewals of registration & insurance payments etc. like you usually do.

Using this article we will first refresh your memory on what is a logbook and we then discuss how not having the logbook of your van will affect your chances of scrapping your vehicle.

What You Need to Know When Selling Your Vehicle

What Is a Vehicle Logbook?

A vehicle logbook also called the V5C, is a document issued by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to the registered keeper of the vehicle. It contains all information with regard to the vehicle such as Make, Model, Year of manufacture, engine & chassis numbers, fuel type, etc. This document is used to record information about the name and address of the owner and any changes in ownership that might happen. If by any chance the vehicle is written off, modified, or scrapped all of that is recorded on it as well.

The thing to remember is that the logbook does not prove ownership of the vehicle. The name indicated on the logbook is not proof of ownership. The found on the logbook is not of the owner but the person who is responsible for the vehicle registration and taxes.

What Are Logbooks Used For?

A vehicle logbook as the name suggests is a log of all the changes that happen to a vehicle. It is used to record all the changes, from being repainted to a different colour to adding a new hood rack. The logbook is the main, crucial component of the current definition of what the vehicle is, so it is an indispensable piece of documentation when it comes to changing its ownership.

If you are planning to sell your vehicle, a correctly maintained logbook proves to the buyer that you had taken proper care of the vehicle. The logbook needs to be updated regularly to prove that you are authorized to sell your vehicle and to make sure that you don’t face any legal ramifications in the future.

If you are planning to buy a vehicle a logbook will give you a good insight into the condition of the vehicle. You can easily compare the real condition of the vehicle to what is recorded in the logbook to see if there are any inconsistencies. If you find any that might give an indication that the seller has either not updated the logbook or worse, he is trying to trick you into buying an inferior vehicle.

Failing to update your logbook is punishable by law. You could be hit with fines of up to £1,000 if you are found guilty of this offense.


Why Are Logbooks Important for Scrapping Your Vehicle? Why are they required to access an Authorised Treatment Facility?

You do not need to have all the documentation you have collected from your history with your car to scrap it. Actually, when you are looking to scrap your vehicle even the logbook is not as important to the scrap dealer as it might be important to a normal buyer. A normal buyer will be a person who will be driving your vehicle, using it regularly so the log book will be highly valuable for him. Because, it will be giving him information on the current condition of the vehicle, as well as information about its previous owners. But because the scrap dealer will be getting your vehicle to break it down into parts, the logbook is not as important, just because the van is not useful anymore as a driven vehicle.

If you were scrapping your van, in the past, the vehicle log book was needed because that was the way to notify the DVLA about the ownership change. You can inform the DVLA that a scrap dealer was acquiring your vehicle by filling out the correct section in the logbook. Currently, though, this is not required. The process might be a bit more complicated but by law, you can scrap a van without a logbook.

Logbooks are important for the scrapping process because any legitimate scrap dealer will require one before they acquire your vehicle. Hiring a legitimate Scrap dealer is important because it is only through one of them you can access an authorised treatment facility which is where your vehicle will be scrapped. You can only get a Certificate of Destruction by scrapping your vehicle at such a facility.

How Do I Scrap My Van Without a Log book?

You can scrap a van even if you don’t have a logbook. Scrapping a car without a vehicle log book is not impossible but having it will be easier but even if you don’t you can still do it.

First, you will need to find an authorized treatment facility (ATF) for scrapping your vehicle. Make sure that you don’t go to an illegal facility which can you result in you being prosecuted for fraud and fined heavily. An authorized treatment facility will ensure that specific regulations and laws are followed when scraping your van.

A good ATF will be easily able to arrange the collection of your vehicle depending on the time easy for you. If your vehicle doesn’t have an MOT or insurance, it’s not roadworthy meaning that it is against the law to drive it anywhere. This is where the collection feature extended by an ATF will be beneficial.

Those who still have their logbook can notify the DVLA, once you have scrapped your vehicle, using their online portal. If you don’t have your logbook you will have to send a letter informing the DVLA about the scrapping process at the following address: DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BD. Make sure you include the vehicle registration number, make and model, date of sale, and name and address of the scrapyard.

A legitimate ATF will give you a Certificate of Destruction for scrap or end-of-life vehicles. This is proof that your vehicle was completely scrapped and no whole vehicle remains. Mind you that the ATF is just the middleman in this scenario and it is actually the DVLA that issues the Certificate of Destruction. Only when you get the certificate will you be able to confirm that your vehicle is no more and that you are not the registered keeper anymore. You won’t be getting this if your vehicle is repaired and resold.

How Can I Get a New Log book in the UK?

If all of that feels like a hassle you can get a duplicate log book online provided that there haven’t been any changes to either your vehicles or your address. Only the vehicle’s registered keeper can request this duplicate logbook. To complete the process, you’ll need to enter the registration number of the vehicle, the VIN (chassis) number, and your name and postcode. You ought to get the duplicate logbook within five working days. This service will cost £25, and you can pay it online.

If you are unable to get a new logbook online, you can get it by post as well. First, you will have to get the application (form V62) and fill it and then submit it to the DVLA, at the same address that was mentioned above. Together with the application, you’ll need to send a cheque or a postal order for £25. This method is longer and it takes around six weeks for you to get the new logbook.

Scrap Your Van or Car Even if You Don’t Have a Logbook

Even though having a logbook will make your life much easier, it is not absolutely necessary when scrapping your van. Find yourself a good ATF and mention your problem to them and they will give you the correct information you need and point out the options you have.