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Can I Scrap My Van Without the Wheels?

Posted November 1, 2021
by Anjana

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For a lot of vehicle owners with old and damaged vehicles scrapping them might be the last resort left. This will get rid of repairs costing thousands, hefty insurance payments and you will be able to get some money for the van you scrap as well.

Usually, any scrap vehicle buyer will take vehicles regardless of their condition. But what would happen if the van you are trying to sell does not have any doesn’t have wheels? The short answer to the question “Can I scrap my van without wheels?” is no, you cannot. But, there still are some finer aspects that you would be worth discussing. So let’s dive into this topic and see what these are.

Why Is It Difficult to Scrap a Van Without Wheels?

Scrapping a vehicle without wheels is not impossible. You would see that often with accident vehicles, but it is the process of doing it without that kind of special circumstances that is difficult.

If you think about why would it be harder to scrap a vehicle without wheels, it is not about the idea of it but about the practicality of moving a van without wheels. The issue is mainly logistical. Most crap van dealers including us use trucks to collect vans from owners by either, towing or winching them aboard. As long as there are wheels there is no issue. But without wheels, this process becomes a whole lot more complicated. You will require a scrap handler with a specialized crane and a truck to transport both the crane and the van in order to get the job done.

There will be certain scrapping companies that offer such extensive services, but usually, they are very few and far between, and sometimes they might be too far away to come to serve you. Also, the whole process might be so costly that would feel that they will not get a profit from it and decide it’s not worth the effort.

What if I Want to Sell My Alloy Wheels?

There are sometimes certain instances that vehicles owners would want to remove the wheels of their vans. We don’t recommend selling any parts of your van before choosing to scrap it because missing parts will quite certainly affect the final price of the van, even if the initial quote was different. When it comes to people selling components of their vehicles before scrapping, alloy wheels are usually one of the most common items.

Alloy wheels are wheels that van owners add to reduce the weight of vehicles and improve performance such as handling, acceleration, and braking. Because these are aftermarket parts and cost higher one might feel to sell them off before you scrap your van. That can, however, lead to issues if you decide to scrap your van later.

You can always reach a compromise and replace the alloy wheels with the ones that were on the van before, if you still have them that is. Even parts such as the hubcaps being missing is not that important. What any scrap dealer wants is to load the van onto their collection truck without any hassle.

What if the Tyres are really Missing?

If your wheels are missing or really damaged there still might be a way to manage the situation. If a scrap buyer has the rich equipment, he will be able to move the vehicle on makeshift wheels or skates and get it onto his truck. This method will make a lot of noise but it can get the job done.

So, don’t worry. If your van is missing or has damaged tyres should not discourage you from contacting us to come to scrap your van. We are used to dealing with vehicles that are very old with flat or punctured tyres, but we have our methods to deal with them.

Scrap My Van – With Wheels Only

Moving a van without wheels is a very complex and expensive project, and not every scrap dealer will be willing to do it. But still, stolen or damaged tyres are not an unsolvable problem, there are ways to overcome them and get the job done.